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Why multihealing?


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By the vast emergence of energy healing modalities in the last 10 years, one easily get lost to which path to follow on one hand and to what kind of energy healing treatment shall one sit to. Do I stick to this energy healing modality or that? Which one is best for me? Which one gives me fast feedback? Do I start now with a specific modality and then shift by time to another?

All such questions have no answer... The answer has to come from within you....

Multihealing center comes on to serve all positive effective energy healing modalities that are available worldwide. We offer you a free Therapy Counseling session. After the session you can clearly decide by yourself on which healing modality to start by or to sit for.

What is it about?

Thus Multihealing Center is a holistic space for everyone to join in person. It is the time for gentle transformation, a positive shift in consciousness and wellness. A transformation to Natural Therapy and spiritual healing which are available now as: Reiki, Quantum Touch, Meditation, Theta healing, DNA activation, Shamballa MDH, Medicine Buddha Reiki, and much more.

Our approach is to lead you to the proper decision in order to choose the appropriate energy healing modality which is best for you at a particular time.


Feel free to surf our site for courses and treatments that are available. Also for our service to  hospital patients and working nurses. Moreover, you can spend some time reading the information given for each natural energy healing modality as that of Reiki, Quantum Touch, Theta healing, DNA activation, Shambhala MDH, Chakra healing, and Guided Meditation.

By clicking on "intro", you get a solution for stress, fatigue, anxiety, injury and more. In our philosophy, disease is not but a dis-ease and it can be eliminated from its roots through energy healing modalities. This is claimed by recent scientific researches that show a promising future for humanity.  

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we abide by the Rules and Regulations set by CRA (Canadian Reiki Association) and by
ANQ (Associations des Naturothérapeutes du Québec), by their Code of Ethics and their Educational Guidelines.


multihealing/  multiGuerison Center is a registered enterprise at  Registraire des entreprises Quebec

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