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There are 4 Reiki Levels


Reiki Level 1 -

(1 evening & 1 day) 6pm-9pm and 9am-5pm

This is a 2 day workshop that covers:


 What is Reiki?
 History of Reiki
 Reiki Ideals
 Preparation for doing treatments
 Code of Conduct
 How to do treatments on self
 How to do treatments on others
 Practice doing treatments on self
 Practice doing treatments on others
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Reiki Level 2 

(1 day),    9am-5pm


Level 1 is a prerequisite. Includes being attuned for level 2.

Three symbols are taught that increase the healing power and allow distance healing.

A method called Mental Reiki is also taught.

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Reiki Level 3

(1 day)


Levels 1 and 2 are prerequisites. Includes being attuned for level 3, and covers a Master Reiki symbol and its use. Actually on this level Reiki masters you and it is not that you master Reiki. Distant healing and its application is covered as well.

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Master / Teacher Level

(2 days)

Upon request.

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Advanced Reiki Courses

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Guided Meditation sessions to increase your mental visualization power, to heal deep wounds or to experience virtual spiritual trips as to



The Master within

Past Lives

and more (upon request)


Workshops on effective healing vibrational sounds

Workshops on creating Sand Mandalas (coming soon)

Workshops on overcoming phobia

Workshops on boosting your memory (ideal for school, college or university students)




The Reiki Montreal Meetup Group daily Sessions

Pls. feel free to surf each session's info, requirements and available dates.

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Reiki FAQ         multihealing FAQ        Energy Centering         Energy Grounding

Reiki Centering        Reiki Grounding        Daily Meditation (weekdays from 6-7)   
Healing Meditation      Reiki Meditation      Reiki Experience      Reiki Cocktail
Full Reiki treatment      Reiki Exchange        "Quantum Touch" experience

Reiki infinite dimensions


Healing Energy Exercises (part.1)          Reiki Exercises (part.1)

Environmental Cleansing                   Aura cleansing (7 layers)
Aura Energizing (physical body)                Aura Energizing (energy centers.7Chakras)

Chakras evaluation              Chakras Activation (Full Package)

Guided meditation (Shambhala, Himalaya, the Master within...)

Pyramid Meditation (Junior, senior and advanced level)
Reiki Pyramid Meditation (level 1. 2 and Master level)


Reiki distant healing                            multihealing local/national projects

Vibrational healing sounds (part.1 , 2) 


Reiki .I. course                                Reiki .II. course
Reiki .III. Master course                          Reiki .IV. Teacher course

Reiki Kundalini course


Theta healing experience          Theta healing session
DNA experience     DNA activation








we abide by the Rules and Regulations set by CRA (Canadian Reiki Association) and by
ANQ (Associations des Naturothérapeutes du Québec), by their Code of Ethics and their Educational Guidelines.


multihealing/  multiGuerison Center is a registered enterprise at  Registraire des entreprises Quebec






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