What is a Digital Healing?
It is a healing energy which is transmitted by digital means. The digital technology chosen may be either audio or video.
In an audio/video digital healing, the healing energy is embedded within your chosen audio CD or video DVD.
What is the science behind digital healing?
This is an application issued by Merlin Dergham which is based on the latest scientific evidence.
All researches uncovered the amazing power of subliminal programming in affecting the preferences of human beings.
The simple truth is: subliminal messages work.
The latest researches are done by
    * University of Nijmegen (2006) in Netherlands , by Johan Karremans and his team
    * Dukes University (2008) in USA, by Tanya Chartrand and Gavan F.
    * University of Waterloo (2008) in Canada, by Grainne Fitzsimons
    * UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (2009) in UK, by Professor Nilli Lavie


How does it work?
It works like any other subliminal audio/video application. The internet is full of programs/software/applications/successful stories integrated
to many branches of human life especially mind power law of attraction techniques, weight loss, learning, changing beliefs, connecting to your
 higher self...All you have to do is to turn on the digital healing within the space you are living in: home, car, work...

What is new?
The new approach is
    - adding life force energy to the normal subliminal audio/video application.
    - focusing on areas of natural therapy techniques and integrating such therapies digitally
    - facilitating a holistic healing approach to the targeted changes

How life force energy is embedded within subliminal audio/video application?
The dream of every energy healer is to be able to transmit the universal life force energy 24/7 instantly to multi-clients anytime/anywhere and forever.
This is achieved by transmitting a very faint refined Vibratory healing frequencies from audio/video devices using any effective subliminal software.
The sacred secret vibrations are mainly the reason for this to happen. They act like a magical digital talisman which transmits healing energy every
time it is switched on.

What are the Benefits of digital healing?
The benefits are endless and it radically shifts our approach of natural energy healing to unlimited infinite tremendous positive power on
 multi-dimensional level anytime/anywhere and forever.

On the recipients' side:
    - you get the same effective treatment results being on your own anytime you wish,
      all times and forever (neither in person nor on distance)
    - saves you time and money
    - healer accompanies you all times with no draining of energy
    - energy is always present the time you wish, always fresh, strong and efficient.
    - receive healing on pre-defined ailments at the same time.
    - protect, shield and support you all times.

On the healers' side: (not available yet for healers*)
    - able to transmit life force energy to multi-clients simultaneously, constantly, infinitely
    - able to transmit life force energy without draining your personal energy
    - able to heal thyself and integrate this digital technology for advanced stages of  consciousness.
    - able to reach enlightenment in a very short period of time.

Are there any Conditions/restrictions to make a digital healing CD/DVD?
Many conditions and restrictions apply. It all depends on the person that the healing is done for.
To mention few:
    - healing is addressed to a unique person by name.
    - the person in charge should write/record all the affirmations to be embedded.
      Such messages will be reviewed/modified.. for maximum healing
    - parents can order healing for any family member
    - healing is done for a living person (not open for non-living at the mean time)

When do you expect the healing to happen?
Instantly. This what makes this approach so unique and effective.
Most clients felt the healing from the time they started writing/recording...Whether you feel the change or not, the healing happens from the moment you turn on CD/DVD.
As much as you keep on the digital healing, as much as the REAL healing manifests in your life on four dimensions: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is very essential to tune with digital healing on a daily basis otherwise the chance for the change is not high.
Your being is intelligent and at a constant change. You have a new liver/DNA every 45 days and a new skeleton every 90 days, new red blood cells every 120 days...
So your natural being supports you in the journey of self healing if you give it the chance to do so.

When do I re-make a new digital healing CD/DVD?
The time the REAL healings are manifested completely indicates the time of preparation in shifting to the second stage of digital healing.
The affirmations should be modified to match the new changes.
example: in stage 1 you said:
    My backbone marrow are fully awaken within themselves
    My backbone marrow are aligned with life force energy
    My backbone marrow are regenerating in accordance to laws of nature
    My backbone marrow are regenerating healthy backbones
    My backbone marrow produce healthy new red blood cells
    My backbone marrow health produce healthy new white blood cells

when all this happen, then in stage 2 you say:
My backbones are always healthy, are...
    My backbones are always strong
    My backbones stay healthy and strong forever

in stage 3 you say:
My backbones are conscious and aware of Bliss
    My backbones are connected to truth within
    My backbones are in silence, harmony and balanced
    My backbones are centered and grounded to the life force energy
    My backbones transcends the relative existence
    My backbones connect me to the Absolute, supreme happiness...

Thus progress should be in stages as nature behaves.
Being unaware of such a fact gives confusion to such a progress and may form an illusion to your subconscious that leads to ignorance.



How much is the cost of a digital healing CD?
    The total cost is: $180 and it is composed as follows:





(a)$60 (one to one and a half hour)
    A consultation session addressing healing to your being
    on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It includes:
        -How to write/address your messages
        -what messages to include.
        -what fields to cover.
        -what are the things to avoid.

    Digital Recording for the messages. (1 to 1.5 hours)

(c)Producing the CD ($60). This includes
    -my embedded sacred healing vibrations
    -your subliminal messages
    -your favourite music/songs/...
    -Final actual CD (a max of 3copies to run at home/office/car)

How much is the cost of a digital healing DVD?
    The total cost is: $950
A digital healing DVD consists of many technologies as text/audio/images/...
Such DVD is very effective and proven to be 10x that of audio.
At the time being, Such DVDs are only available to attune you to personal higher consciousness.
You choose the DVD/text to embed/images to include as well as Audio to influence.
All details are to be discussed for serious orders only . (Certain conditions apply)

Listen to some samples

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