The ultimate application of digital healing is silent digital healing
which is based on the theory of silent subliminals.
Why are they called silent subliminals? 
Audio Subliminals that are played purely with no music running on as a background are called silent subliminals. So you hear nothing at all; no music, no sound, no audio, no messages, and no silence (white noise). Why? because such subliminals are engineered at ultrasonic range beyond the audible hearing of humans. The major difference is removing the factor of any background and just focusing on the messages in changing our subconscious.
What is the technical process of silent subliminals?
The subliminal audio messages should be elevated to a frequency in the upper portion of human hearing (above 16KHz). This frequency vibrates the inner ear and so it is decoded by our subconscious mind. This is the ultimate purpose of subliminals.
How do you make sure that silent subliminals are running on an mp3?
Simply run the mp3 file on any sound audio player and check any meter change or indicator signal vibrations. In some audio software you can see easily check the wave path if it looks straight or not.


 If the wave indicates just a straight line, then this means that there is no subliminal at all.


 For more information, Pls. refer to “subliminal researcher” video instructions regarding silent subliminals of digital healing audio messages produced by multihealing center.

 What is the scientific basis of silent subliminals?

The silent subliminal theory was developed by Dr. Oliver Lowery of Atlanta, Georgia
(US Patent #5,159,703, October 27, 1992)
“A silent communications system in which non-aural carriers in the very low or very high audio-frequency range, or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum, are amplitude-modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally for inducement into the brain


To research more on the technology and theory of Dr.Lowery, click on
Why silent subliminals are more effective?
Silent subliminals are the most effective way of reaching our subconscious for two major reasons:
1- can be played anytime, anywhere and continuously
2- no background interference that becomes boring by time
When do you have to change the silent subliminal messages?
The time you feel that the subliminal messages are manifested completely, indicates the time of preparation in shifting to another stage(s) of subliminals. Remember that the purpose of such messages is to change your reality and when such reality changes then you are living the change. What comes after is implementation of a new change to happen.

 Here is an example of a possible situation:

in stage 1 you said:

My backbone marrow are fully awaken within themselves
My backbone marrow are aligned with life force energy
My backbone marrow are regenerating in accordance to laws of nature
My backbone marrow are regenerating healthy backbones
My backbone marrow produces healthy new red blood cells
My backbone marrow health produces healthy new white blood cells

when all this happen, then in stage 2 you say:

My backbones are always healthy, are...
My backbones are always strong
My backbones stay healthy and strong forever

in stage 3 you say:

My backbones are conscious and aware of Bliss
My backbones are connected to truth within
My backbones are in silence, harmony and balanced
My backbones are centered and grounded to the life force energy
My backbones transcends the relative existence
My backbones connect me to the Absolute, supreme happiness...

Thus progress should be in stages as nature behaves.  Being unaware of such a fact gives confusion to such a progress and may form an illusion to your subconscious that leads to ignorance.

  Here is an example of another possible situation:

in stage 1, your subliminals are dedicated to make you stress free, and get you out of depression. When this happens and you feel the change then there is no need to run the subliminals once again. You should shift to subliminals of stage 2 i.e. stay in the level of being stress free and happy at all times and implement a new change towards more success and happiness.

Thus the process of implementing new silent subliminals keeps on to infinite stages and your imagination is the only limit to what you can apply.

Listen to some samples

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